Aberdeen Cattery

Aberdeen Cattery – How to Choose

Owning a cat is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Cats make excellent companion animals and their fickle nature is often a joy to be around. As a responsible owner, you must make sure that your cat is well catered for during times of absence. Aberdeen Cattery is your guide on what to do.
There are three main options for feline care:

  • Use a boarding cattery
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and feed your cat
  • Employ a professional cat sitting company

The best option will vary from cat to cat. Some are quite content to be boarded, whereas others may prefer to be in their normal home environment.

What is a cattery?

A boarding cattery is an establishment where cats are temporarily housed during periods where their owner is not available to look after them. Typically, cats are put into boarding when the owner is on holiday, moving home or unwell. The quality of catteries varies enormously, so it is important to research carefully to select a suitable and reputable Aberdeen cattery. Take the time to visit some catteries in your area to compare them and do not be afraid to ask questions. Aberdeen Cattery would be delighted to recommend a suitable cattery in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

Many Aberdeen catteries are manned by enthusiastic animal loving staff that have the necessary knowledge and experience to look after your cat. While facilities range from basic to luxurious, you should have no problem finding a cattery in the Aberdeen area in which your cat will be comfortable and well looked after. Prices typically range from around £6-12 per night depending on the quality of accommodation offered. Most catteries offer additional features and services such as attending to special dietary needs or providing some one on one playtime. When visiting catteries, remember to check that the business is fully insured, licensed by Aberdeen Council and that there is an arrangement in place for 24-hour veterinary cover.