What Makes for a Good Aberdeen Cattery

Finding a Good Aberdeen Cattery

Many people are anxious at the thought of leaving their cat in the care of other people for even a short period. The reality is there are now many high quality catteries in the Aberdeen area that provide a high level of accommodation, feline care and customer service Yellow Pages, cat magazines, local newspapers, veterinary surgeries, Local Councils, pet shops, and, of course, the internet can all provide you with lists of licensed premises. You can get an initial impression from marketing leaflets or a website. However, to truly gauge if a cattery is suitable you will have to spend a bit of time visiting them. Pay attention to how clean and spacious the runs are, how friendly the staff are and, most importantly, do the cats seem happy and content? Small, poorly lit and untidy runs occupied by distressed cats are a sure sign that the cattery is no good. The following is a check list of things to look for in a good Aberdeen cattery:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Good sized sleeping and exercise area
  • Clean premises
  • Heated premises
  • Good security with double entry corridors to prevent cats escaping
  • Good ventilation to prevent the transmission of disease
  • No wood or timber, which can harbour disease
  • Cats (except from same household) should not be able to come into direct contact
  • Full length sneeze barriers or gaps (minimum 0.6m) between units
  • Cat units should be well lit, preferable with an interesting view
  • Each unit should contain a shelf for the cat to rest on
  • Litter trays should be kept clean and emptied regularly
  • Feed and water bowls should be clean
  • A variety of good quality food should be available
  • Cattery should be able to offer grooming and administer medication

A good Aberdeen cattery owner will take the time to ask you questions about your cat when taking a booking. Such questions will include what your cat like to eat, special requirements or medication, any habits the cat has, and full details on where you can be contacted.

What to pack for your cat’s stay

When boarding your cat in an Aberdeen cattery you should remember to pack any special food or medication, bedding or blankets, your cat’s favourite toy and your cat’s vaccination card. Do not carry your cat in your arms to the cattery. Instead, use a suitable and sturdy cat carrier lined with several sheets of newspaper.

On arrival at the cattery, always check that information on your cat’s diets and special requirements have been clearly and accurately written down before you leave. Confirm that the cattery has your details correctly and reaffirm the date of your return and estimated time of collection. Take a note of the phone number for the cattery so that you can inform them if your plans change.